There are different types of custom writing services for students, job seekers and service experts that are offered at EssayBox. You can visit EssayBox for any type of writing work that includes research papers, term documents, essays etc. Even if you are looking for proofreading and editing services, they have offerings and you can also have service proposals, grant writing, SEO content etc. from EssayBox.

Composition of Resumes, CV and cover letters are also taken care of by EssayBox and to take a closer look at the services offered by EssayBox, we decided to have a look at their website, know more about the reviews and other aspects of their service offering.

To know their credibility, we also checked for any potential scams or allegations that EssayBox might have been involved in or if there have been customers with a bad experience.


The quality of services offered forms a major aspect of reviewing Essay Box. Sadly, most of the reviews were disappointing and we decided to further investigate on it by picking an essay that was simple and was relatively easy; with the type being school essay content.
Although it was an easy project to complete, Essay Box delivered us with a terrible paper that had grammar errors and mistake throughout. When we took a closer look at the other reviews, we were not surprised when the opinion of other customers was similar to that of ours. The quality of service of Essay Box is disappointing.

Writers and Support

When we read the paper that was delivered, we did not want to get into the details of the author’s quality. However, they were courteous when we voiced our opinion. Despite the customer assistance representatives being courteous, there was little that was done to address the actual concern and apart from empathizing, there was nothing much done to solve the problem.


EssayBox has exorbitant pricing and they charge $22 for a high school paper and deliver in 15 days! Apart from the high costs, what will disappoint a buyer further is the lack of quality, due to which students would not prefer to place an order with EssayBox.

If students are on a tight budget, they will have a terrible experience with Essay Box as the standard rates prevailing in markets is $10 to $18 per page. In case of a low-level paper, $22 is definitely high and they accept payment using debit/credit card or from a PayPal account. Also, there were no coupon codes available on the website or anywhere in the internet that would offer a discount.


Although most of our reviews are neutral and subtle, we will have to be honest about EssayBox about the terrible service, as we do not want you to go through a sad experience due to the low quality of services. Hence, we would recommend students to abstain from using the services of EssayBox and if you wish to avail custom writing services, you can always reach out to – our top-reted service

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